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The knowledge, skills & proven track record of managing successful political campaign fundraising

Campaigning online today is not only an option, it’s a necessity. From presidential campaigns to local elections, more and more voters are going online to research candidates and their positions. LN Consulting is extensively experienced from the local to state levels and offer solutions that are both effective and innovative. We develop websites that create a voter interface to help collect useful data such as email addresses and voter preferences. LN Consulting approaches each project individually, allowing your campaign website to be both engaging and attractive.

Social media has increasingly become a prime focus in the development of a marketing strategy for corporations and organizations of all sizes. Marketers are using social media in various manners to derive input and value from their target. LN Consulting believes there is no difference between a political campaign and a corporations objective: Win! To accomplish this, we can assist in the development and/or management of a multi-faceted social media campaign that is certain to enhance the visibility of the candidate.

From the creation and management of facebook fan pages and "campaign communities" to the expansion of a candidates Twitter following and developing the use of Hootsuite, LN Consulting has an unparalleled understanding of social media.

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LN Consulting is a political consulting firm created by Mike Long and Todd Nyquist. Located in Harrisburg, PA, LN Consulting has earned the reputation as the undisputed leader in the political consulting arena.

G. Terry Madonna, pollster for Franklin & Marshall College stated, "They have tremendous expertise in Harrisburg and across the state, and if you had to name two people more responsible for the Senate's GOP dominance, and well-connected in Harrisburg, they would be Mike Long and Todd Nyquist."

They have a total of 45 years combined experience in the political arena, and over 70 campaign victories to their credit.