Direct Mail, TV & Planning

Lets your campaign target voters right down to particular households.

Political direct mail is still an effective campaign tool because people still read their mail. Political direct mail for campaigns works because it affords you the ability to target just the voters that your campaign wants to commmunicate with right down to particular households. You never have to pay to send messages to a voter you are not targeting. Most of the population does not derive great joy from receiving a political mail piece. Some do, and to these individuals, your direct mail represents an outstanding opportunity at communication. But, for the majority of the population, political direct mail is just another ad, at best to be glanced at and thrown away. Because these individuals will only see it on the way to the trash, you need to design your direct mail with these people in mind. Direct mail creates an exceptional opportunity as well as a challenge for your campaign. LN Consulting has a storied history in creating effective and thought-provoking direct mail pieces for candidates.

  • Bio mailer
  • Name ID mailer
  • Issue mailer
  • Get out to Vote mailer
  • Comparison mailer
  • Negative mailer

LN Consulting is a political consulting firm created by Mike Long and Todd Nyquist. Located in Harrisburg, PA, LN Consulting has earned the reputation as the undisputed leader in the political consulting arena.

G. Terry Madonna, pollster for Franklin & Marshall College stated, "They have tremendous expertise in Harrisburg and across the state, and if you had to name two people more responsible for the Senate's GOP dominance, and well-connected in Harrisburg, they would be Mike Long and Todd Nyquist."

They have a total of 45 years combined experience in the political arena, and over 70 campaign victories to their credit.