The national magazine Campaigns & Elections is out with its annual list of the most influential political consultants in the country. Here are the men and women who made the list for Pa:

Mike Long
Michael Long, Co-founder/Partner,
Long Nyquist & Associates

Long is a top lobbyist and lead strategist for the state GOP.
What We Do:
Strategy & RESEARCH
We at LN Consulting believe in building seamless campaign strategies based on research and a candid view at the unique reality of each individual project. Our strategic campaign planning can identify the path to victory and how to overcome the numerous obstacles to your success.
Experience, Dedication
LN Consulting is a political consulting firm created by Mike Long and Todd Nyquist. Located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Together they have a total of 45 years combined experience in the political arena, and over 70 campaign victories to their credit.

Tools to overcome obstacles
Campaign planning should include but is not limited to:
• Primary and General election messaging
• Social Media, Web & Email fundraising, Digital Marketing Campaign